Saturday, February 9, 2013

5-Minute Fixes

When folding towels, try to remember to tug the corners (all four) to keep them from...well shrinking. Such a simple thing that honestly will keep your towels looking better longer. Also, folded towels just make a room, like the bathroom seem a bit more tidy.

Each day, take a moment and fluff all your pillows and cushions! Not only will it shake the dust off seldom sat on furniture -- but it does make the room look a little brighter.

Make your bed (encourage the kids to also). Silly as it sounds even a kinda messy room will look a little better when the bed's made.

Clean your (all) sinks and swish the toilets. Especially during the winter months when everyone is sharing germs.

Wipe down appliances. The stove, fridge, dishwasher, coffee maker microwave -- basically if it lives on a countertop or if it takes up a lot of eye-space. Give it a little wipe-down.

Sweep or dust your floors. Again this can't be said enough a messy floor just attracts more mess. Not sure why it is. But it does.

Set your table before bed! If your home is like ours the kitchen table is a major artery. Kids play, do homework, random things just get dumped and its a hot spot straight from Dante's Inferno. Setting the table before bed, culls the need to drop things on the table. Breakfast bowls or plates, silver and glassware...and it's one less thing to do during a busy morning!

Lay out your clothes for the next day! Do we need to explain this one? Gather your purse, iPod, charge your phone -- where are your keys?

What's for dinner?


  1. LOL, yeah, our dining room table is a dumping zone atm. It's my fault this time, though. I ended up putting stuff there that I was unsure about when I was unpacking and going through boxes of our stuff, trying to get rid of things. Eventually I need to find a home for it all... ugh...


  2. It's funny, isn't it? We have a chair upstairs that no one threw anything on until one day, in quite a hurry mouse did. In he days that followed so much stuff was dropped on that chair, it took mouse a half hour to sort through it all and put it away. One person does it and everyone else thinks its ok.

    Our table tho...O would die if he saw all the stuff done and tossed on it throughout the day. He'd twitch! Lol


  3. It builds up quickly too. I really meant to find homes for all that stuff that same day, but then I was exhausted and figured I'd do it the next day... This was before Christmas mind you and it's still there. Horrible. I'm going to be doing it as soon as I'm well though because I want to get the sewing machine out! :-D



  4. We have an island in our kitchen that seems to attract every paper the kids bring home, or even things Hubby brings home from work. I am trying to make sure each night it's cleared before bed! I love coming down to NO clutter each morning (or middle of the night feed)
    Good suggestions for 5 minute fixes though! I have one that I do sometimes when the boys nap together. I use a damp wash cloth or even a baby wipe and hit up my chair rail or crown molding around the house for dust!